Protein production revisited

No hassle, just more protein

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Increased yield

Our Switcher Technology enables you to get more recombinant protein from bacteria.

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Easier optimisation

The technology is robust to use and optimisation of expression is quick.

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Keep your expression system

Our technology can simply be added to your favourite production strain.


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25 January 2022

Starting a cooperation project with Solis Biodyne

We are happy to announce the start of a cooperation project with a premier PCR reagent manufacturer Solis BioDyne! We will jointly test whether our Switcher Technology can increase the production yield of Solis’ proteins at a time, when literally everyone in the world needs PCR testing.

Solis BioDyne has been developing and producing life science reagents since 1995, having become one of the leading temperature stable reagent suppliers in Europe today. They create world-changing molecular solutions and help scientists to solve their greatest challenges.

10 December 2021

Here is a short video about us!

What we do, why we believe in it, and who we are.

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11 November 2021

We are being incubated

We are happy to be accepted to S2B Launchpad business incubator by Tartu Science Park. Under supervision of two experienced mentors and loads of networking opportunities, we believe to boost our startup readiness.


Gearbox Biosciences has developed a robust switch that allows us to control bacterial growth with high precision. Our patent pending Switcher Technology is based on induced removal of origin of replication from bacterial chromosome. Switched cells do not divide but remain metabolically active, which enables to decouple protein production from cellular growth.

Switching significantly increases the protein productivity in bacterial cells because switched cells do not “waste” resources on growth but channel majority of them for product synthesis.  In lab environment a recombinant protein expression is upregulated 2 – 5 times without any other optimisation.

More detailed overview of our technology can be found from our research publication

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Gearbox Biosciences is a spin-off company from University of Tartu, Estonia and we are a team of technical founders. We are committed to turn this compelling invention into viable business to increase the use of sustainable resources.

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Co-Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

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Co-Founder & Head of Operations


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Interested in trying our technology on your protein?

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OÜ Gearbox Biosciences

Office: Nooruse 1, Tartu, Estonia

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